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Communicating with Dignity:
Skills for Our Evolving World


A multi-session professional development workshop
delivered online to organizational leaders

Led by Dr. Ginger Carlson and Charlie Kuhn, CEO and Co-Founder of Cultures of Dignity

3 weeks of workshop in virtual spaces: June 14, June 21, June 28

Two times to choose from: 9am PT/12pm ET or 4pm PT/7pm ET

$499 for an individual; special discounts for teams

This experience will serve as a catalyst to transform communication within your organization. You are invited to convene, workshop, learn, and contribute to a process that will deepen your knowledge and open paths for action.

Being a part of this experience is a commitment to create and implement communication skills to leverage the highest impact for your community. We will lay the foundation to systematically construct a framework within our organizations that builds a culture of dignity and a climate of belonging.

We can't wait to guide you in this process!

This foundational workshop guides teams through the fundamental skills necessary for a leader to serve in our evolving world.


This workshop is delivered in two distinct parts:

  • Receptive Communication & Language (how and what you hear), and;

  • Productive Communication & Language (what you say and where).

In this 3-week workshop experience,

You will…

» Broaden and shift your perspective with developed communication skills

When we shift our understanding and approach to communication, our whole system and change efforts are impacted.

» Understand the importance of words in our change efforts

Language can be one of our most impactful levers to achieve our goals while building community.

» Examine common leadership vernacular

Together we will highlight and explore the language that both hinders and leverages the most impact.

» Develop skills to use language to effect change, including:

  • Ability to differentiate between different types of conversations
  • Recognize the difference between dignity and respect
  • Increase comfort in conflict

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Communicating with Dignity is perfect for YOU if...


    • You’re a deep thinker and curious about why you and or the team might be stuck
    • You’re preparing to lead change
    • You want to jump-start a change
    • Change efforts have stalled and you need to get them going again
    • You’re preparing for a new leadership position
    • You're eager, nervous, excited, and ready for stepping outside your comfort zone

We can’t wait for you to join us for Communicating with Dignity

We are leaders, learners, researchers, and educators with over three decades of experience and expertise in advancing schools towards their goals. Together we have been collaborating professionally as thought partners and friends for the past five years, where this learning experience was created. We are excited to partner with schools on this improvement journey toward better communication for our evolving world.  

Yours in Learning,

Charlie Kuhn, CEO and Co-Founder of Cultures of Dignity
Dr. Ginger Carlson, educational consultant and author


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