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If you’re a creator who wants to bring new ideas to life, or a busy professional looking to get more done while having the work just flow, or you want to imagine more for what you can do and be in the world, then you already know... it doesn’t happen on its own or in a vacuum. You have to have habits and you must have a system!

You know that creativity and getting "in the zone" is amazing when it happens, but it also doesn’t “just happen." It’s easy to get stuck in the overwhelm. People don’t just “make shit happen” – they have systems and processes that get them there. You also know that it can feel like tough work to get past the blocks we have in our life that keep us from abundantly and joyfully contributing and creating and getting things done. Here’s the secret: it doesn’t have to be hard. This course will show you how to make creating and getting things done all feel like it is effortless, like time slips away and you are engaged in a way that makes you feel simply alive!

By the end of this course, you will have…

Nailed down what works for you in your life,

instead of spending your time spinning your wheels on what works for other people.

Developed a new relationship to time,

so that you can get more done and feel more alive.

Leveraged your past experiences

to create and imagine something new and authentically you.

Released old habits

that block or do not serve you getting into a state of flow.

Assembled the structure

in your life that supports you in getting things done and going to the next level.

Your questions answered

in live Q & A!

Skills and knowledge for what it takes to get to flow

and have a concrete framework to get you there every day!


"A clear-sighted realistic visionary." - Melissa Hart, author

"A joyous antidote." - Dr. Jane Healy, author

"A multi-faceted thought-provoking approach." - Arun Toke, Editor, Skipping Stones Magazine

What’s Inside

Productivity in Your Palm



Description: In this introduction to the course, you will look at the art and science of habits in a whole new way. You will understand where the cognitive (the brain science) blends with artistic expression, and where depth is born. From the start, you will be on the road toward a deeper, meaningful connection with time and the conditions that help you achieve and be more in your life, even if you are exhausted, scared, or overwhelmed.


In this introduction, you will:

  • Begin to develop an understanding of your own relation to time through a time dump and inventory process
  • Bust through the myths related to productivity and abundant creation
  • Ditch the guilt
  • Understand that achieving flow is a personal process and here you will take the first step in making the right plan for you

Ignite Your Flow Guarantee

If after the First module you are not sure this is right for you, before Module 2 drops, you can have a full refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions


Still thinking about it?

Productivity in Your Palm: The Art & Science of the Graspable Habits to Ignite is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You’re thinking of exploring a new path for yourself.
  2. You’ve been feeling stuck in how you have been working and know you need a change.
  3. You’ve been struggling to find motivation right now.
  4. You’re willing to put in the work it takes to be reflective about your patterns so you can transform into something amazingly and authentically you!
  5. Already investing time in habits that are not serving you to abundantly move your own needle.
  6. Have been been scared or anxious about making things happen.
  7. Desire a feeling of aliveness you haven’t felt before.
  8. Ready to get yourself into a flow state!

I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey!

I have studied and conducted research about flow for more than two decades, and have used the science to bring my own art to life. In doing so, I have transformed my health, created unique experiences that inspire even the “cynist” of cynics, earned four degrees and multiple certifications, written and published three books and countless articles, and used it to help individuals and organizations around the world to imagine and create something different for their future.

I am confident that if you are struggling with overwhelm in the world right now, but know that you have so much inside you that wants to get out, that this course will help get you started in transforming that into a new reality. You will emerge with a new perspective on your time and an understanding of how to create the conditions in your life so you can get more done and feel more alive!

And remember, this opportunity is risk free. Take the baby step. We will ignite flow in our lives together!

Yours in Flow, 



This is not your typical course in productivity or habits. It is based in science and artful in nature. It will break down barriers, and inspire you to bring a new you to life!


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