S1 Ep1 | Welcome to Get Thirsty

Season #1

I wonder what would happen if we convene
Over here at LifeSchool
Gather ‘round the table
with those who don’t
Have expectations
Assume a posture of trust
&Realize that relationships are everywhere.
Glow into our shared soul friends and let
Us bring our hypocrisy into the spotlight.
Maybe there is a collection of learnings here

This episode welcomes you to the first season of Get Thirsty, a podcast designed deliberately to prepare you to meet your one and only indispensable partner, your soul. So, you can make that next great decision, take that next great step.

Here’s what you’re going to find in this episode:

0:33 Welcome to the original Get Thirsty podcast series

1:10 Introduction to your host

2:04 Reviewing the format and intention

3:21 Language, poetry, deliberate white space, research, and a truly aesthetic experience

4:14 “a thought, caught in the act of dawning” and the language of living

6:16 This season…

7:02 Get Thirsty

I hope you love this experience. Please head over to https://gingercarlson.com/podcast or wherever you listen to your podcasts to subscribe, and let’s Get Thirsty together. Grab (or share) your copies of the I wonder what would happen and Get Thirsty poems shared in today’s episode at the download section of my website. Enjoy!


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