S1 Ep2 | The Ocean of True Humanbeingness, or YOU at a crossroad

Season #1

We all find ourselves at a crossroads at certain times. These times need not be imbued with the struggle or challenge some people make them out to be. If we approach these times differently, we can see them as gifts that place us precisely in a sacred location where we can reimagine, reinvigorate, and renew our lives. This episode outlines the signs that you might be at a crossroads and what to do when you find yourself there.

1:34 - What is a crossroad? And why it is the BEST thing!

2:43 - The three places you might find yourself

3:33 - One of my very favorite quotes and how you can use it to shift your perspective

4:48 - Identifying Yourself at a Crossroad, the 7 signs

10:02 What can happen to your body and soul at a crossroads, and why you need to take care of it

10:40 Your job now and a reflective dive


Everything drops to its knees and begs for light
Don't even consider for a second
You are not wild enough
To draw that light in To inspire it to dance
Collide with its own radiance
And birth a new kind of star


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