S1Ep3 | Practicing & Partnering with Paradox

Season #1

Welcome to Get Thirsty with Dr. Ginger Carlson, Episode 3, where we explore the art of Practicing & Partnering with Paradox. This episode speaks to the luminosity of the soul, where the messages between the fire and the heart become clearer, and how the balance scale finds its center.

The episode dives into understanding and embracing paradoxes - statements, propositions, or situations that seem illogical, absurd, or self-contradictory but may still contain an element of truth. It's about reconciling seemingly opposing ideas that make you a deeper, multidimensional human.

Included here is a downloadable "playsheet" to guide you through the process of identifying and understanding the dualities within you, releasing judgment, and being the mirror to brave work. It's a fun and enlightening process that will help you embrace what makes you unique, even the harder, more shadowy elements. Remember, a paradox is only a problem if it is open to a solution, but paradoxes just are what they are. So embrace them, and let them make you a deeper, more multidimensional human.


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