S1Ep6 | No human will be untouched... saying goodbye to your old self

Season #1

Welcome to the latest episode of the Get Thirsty podcast, hosted by Dr. Ginger Carlson. In this episode, Ginger starts with sharing a poem about soul transformation and how chaos and change are interconnected, but it's up to us to reframe and alter realities for a thriving future. She emphasizes the importance of saying goodbye to your old self before embracing the new reality. Ginger encourages listeners to develop a heightened intuition for what's necessary in their world and feel guided towards making decisions and taking the right action. She also shares her journaling technique to track her thoughts, ideas, and progress over the years. Tune in to listen to the full episode and get inspired to say goodbye to your old self and embrace new beginnings.

Get Thirsty Podcast



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